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Our goal is to provide top shelf quality and encourage you to share these drinks with an enclave of your own.

How toServe

On the rocks or from the bottle. Tell us how you and your enclave celebrate @drinkswithyourenclave on Instagram

expect the bestQuality

The perfect cocktail doesn’t just stop at top shelf liquor…You need top shelf ingredients.

The Vineyard mule

Drink that started it all (the OG)

The Vineyard Mule, the drink that started it all, is the perfect play on a Moscow Mule; with the crisp spice of ginger beer mixed with a hint of mango and coconut.

our familyStory

Drinks with Your Enclave was founded by Earnest Offley and made to be culturally distinct. His goal was to create a product that would remind him of his friends and family; a product that invites you to be a part of our enclave.

tours andTastings

We encourage you to introduce Drinks with Your Enclave at your next event. Email us at [email protected]gmail.com to find out how to ship boxes of products to your enclave for virtual tastings, company events, happy hours and more.